Dust Control Fog Cannon First Class Quality Made in China Anti-Haze Mobile Fog Cannon

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The sprayer, also known as the fog cannon machine, air-driven sprayer, and spray dust removal device, is a device for spraying dust removal and dust reduction in industrial and mining yards that are prone to dust. The particles are small and easy to absorb dust particles. This product is divided into head 30m-50m-60m-80m-100m, divided into two specifications: remote control type and manual type. The dedusting fog cannon has strong power, long range and perfect coverage. It can realize precise spraying, high working efficiency and fast spraying speed. It can be fixedly installed on the concrete pouring platform, and can also be equipped with a diesel generator set for power supply and installed on the transport vehicle. The operation is flexible, easy to use, and the water consumption is small, and the dust area covered by the water mist is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment. This product can be moved or fixed somewhere for use. The scope of application of the fog cannon machine: 1. Open-air material storage yard, coal logistics park, open-pit mining, open-air blasting dust, closed unloading area, truck unloading port, dump truck unloading dust, large-scale loading truck working dust, coastal ports Dust pollution control such as loading and transshipment of coal, ore, and bulk powder handling; 2. Construction and demolition dust control, construction waste or waste residue unloading and shipping, local dust control of mechanical operations, and road dust pollution control during heavy vehicle transportation; 3. Dust reduction, moisturizing, cooling and disinfection in airports, expressways, stations, docks, public places, sports venues, hot venues, etc.

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