Xwd Cycloid Needle Teeth Meshing Planetary Transmission Gear Reducer

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The use of cycloid reducer: The cycloidal pinwheel reducer adopts the principle of cycloid pin-tooth meshing and planetary transmission, so it is usually called a planetary cycloid reducer. The planetary cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation,  Textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, hoisting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation and other industries, as a drive or deceleration device, the machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, biaxial and direct-connected assembly methods.  Its unique stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducers and worm gear reducers in many cases. Therefore, planetary cycloid reducers are widely used in various industries and fields, and are generally welcomed by the majority of users. The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a novel transmission device that applies the principle of planetary transmission and adopts the meshing of cycloid pin teeth.  The entire transmission device of the cycloid reducer can be divided into three parts: the input part, the deceleration part, and the output part.  A double eccentric sleeve with a dislocation of 180° is installed on the input shaft, and two roller bearings called swing arms are installed on the eccentric sleeve to form the H mechanism and the center hole of the two cycloidal wheels is the upper swing arm bearing of the eccentric sleeve  The raceway, and the cycloidal wheel meshes with a group of annularly arranged needle teeth on the needle gear to form an internal meshing deceleration mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth (in order to reduce friction, in a reducer with a small speed ratio  , with needle sleeves on the needle teeth).


Output Shaft


Output shaft tightening ring


Small End Cap


Machine Base


Pin Bushing




Eccentric bearing


Spacer Ring


Pin-tooth pin pin-tooth sleeve


Needle Housing


Big End Cap


Fan Blade Hood


Input Shaft

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