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A Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is a mixture of forages, concentrates, minerals, microorganisms and other additives to provide enough nutrients to meet dairy cows' needs.  On the basis of supporting technical measures and TMR machinery with excellent performance, TMR feeding technology can ensure that every ration eaten by dairy cows is a full-price diet with stable concentration of concentrate and coarseness and consistent nutrient concentration, which is a major change in the way of feeding dairy cows.  .  The vertical feed mixer adopts a large screw auger, the feed is soft and palatable after mixing; the feed is not easy to agglomerate; due to the slow rotation speed of the auger, the damage to the fiber structure of the feed is small.  The feed mixed by the stand mixer is soft and palatable, which will enhance the cow's appetite and facilitate digestion.  The feed mixed by the stand mixer is not easy to agglomerate.  Agglomeration refers to the formation of dry and hard lumps due to excessive extrusion of the feed. The cows will always feel full after eating this kind of feed, and they cannot eat too much.  Since the horizontal structure of the auger is horizontal, it is easy to over-squeeze the feed, but this is not the case with the vertical mixer.  Due to the slow rotation speed of the auger, the vertical mixer has little damage to the fiber structure of the feed.  Once the fiber structure is damaged, nutrients are quickly lost.  Stand mixers maintain feed nutrients for a longer period of time.  .The mixing tank has less wear and longer service life; with automatic weighing device, the addition amount can be set at any time. How can one person feed 500 cows?  This was impossible ten years ago. With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, feeding 500 cows by one person has become an achievable task.  The use of mechanized feeding, reclaiming, stirring, and feeding is completed by one person, and the mechanical equipment goes to the silage tank to reclaim the material, and the silage reclaimer is used to complete it by one person.  The feed is taken to the spreader, and the spreader is driven to the tmr feed mixer. The mixing is also completed by one person. The mixed feed is transported to the spreader through the belt conveyor, and then driven to the cattle farm for automatic feeding. The whole process is completed by one person.  If you are not sure what equipment is suitable for you, please contact the customer service staff to inform your needs, we can design a plan for you according to the scale of your breeding plant.

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