ZQ Series Bevel Cylindrical Speed Reducer

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A ZQ reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a geared transmission to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions and obtain greater torque.  In the mechanisms currently used to transmit power and motion, reducers are widely used.  It can be found in almost all types of mechanical transmission systems, from ships, automobiles, locomotives, heavy machinery and construction tools, processing machinery and automatic production equipment used in the mechanical industry, to household appliances, clocks and watches are common in daily life, it  The application can be viewed from the transmission of high power to the transmission of small loads and from the precise point of view.  In industrial applications, reducers have the function of slowing down and increasing torque.  Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.  The main function of the JZQ reducer is to reduce the speed while increasing the output torque.  The torque output ratio is based on the motor output multiplied by the reduction ratio, but be careful not to exceed the rated torque of the reducer.  Deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time, and the reduction in inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.  You can see that GM has an inertia value.  JZQ reducer is a relatively precise machine.  The purpose of using it is to reduce speed and increase torque.  There are many kinds, different models and different uses.  There are many kinds of reducers, which can be divided into gear reducers, worm reducers and planetary gear reducers according to the type of transmission; according to the different transmission stages, they can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers; according to the shape of the gears, they can be divided into cylindrical gears  Reducer, bevel gear reducer and bevel gear reducer; according to the layout of the transmission, it can be divided into unfolding reducer, split reducer and coaxial reducer.1. The gears are made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel through carburizing and quenching, and the tooth surface hardness is less than 350HBS.  It is allowed to use hard tooth surface and medium hard tooth surface gear instead. Except for the gear bearing capacity, other requirements are the same. 2. The mechanical rotation efficiency is high, the single stage is greater than 96.5%, the double stage is greater than 93%, and the third stage is greater than 90%. 3. Smooth operation and low noise. 4. Small size, light weight, long service life and high bearing capacity. 5. Easy to disassemble and easy to install. 6. All deceleration models are suitable for industries such as building materials, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and light industry. 7. The linkage method can be directly linked by the coupling, or can be linked flexibly by the chain and belt. 8. Medium and extreme pressure industrial gear lubricating oil must be used. If it is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃ before starting.

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